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Just in time for the holidays!

Natalia's newly released book, Geese-Swans, is dedicated to God and celebrates the victory of goodness over evil.
This book is created as an art album for both children and adults.
It includes some of Natalia's best watercolors and color lithographs as well as her favorite Psalms' songs.
Also, Natalia has written information about the watercolor and lithography techniques she used in the illustration of this book.

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Cover Letter
for the Book

The book "Geese-Swans" is my adaptation of the Russian folktale in English and in Russian. The book is created as not just a story, but an art album completely illustrated by my watercolors and stone color lithographs.

Also, the book includes my favorite Psalms under each watercolor painting.

There are 56 pages plus hard cover in the book. In the introduction on the page 3, I narrate the historical and religious conception of the story. In the end of the book on page 51, I share the information about watercolor and stone lithography techniques. Thus, the book infers quite a few purposes. They are:

1) Educational to learn two languages and to become familiar with the world folklore treasure;

2) Artistic to enjoy and to study the creations of art;

3) Religious to recognize the most important life values of morality and wisdom: kindness, generosity, love, and to learn the importance of love attitude to any creature around us.

Love wins the victory over evil. The divinity of this event is shown in my book "Geese-Swans."

Natalia Koshelkova